Active Path

Project Description

ActivePath is an all in one product to both design and send breakthrough interactive statements for enterprise companies to send to their customers. I was responsible to get their re-brand, marketing website and materials, content and key messaging, and oversee the product design in a matter of just 4 months!

Team credits

Daina Reed | Brand Identity, Logo, Brand Book, Website Design & Development, Product Consultant
Alli Magidsohn | Copywriting, Key messaging strategy
Code Value Team | Product UX/UI & Development

Logo Mark

The continuous line extending from the ‘@’ symbol represents the frictionless continuous touchpoint between customer and company. The type was customized based off the often corporate font ‘Museo’ typeface whose boldness represents ‘stability’ and ‘security’ though rounded to represent friendliness.


Brandon Grotesque

Designed 2010 a fresh new font on the scene influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular during the 1920s.

Functional look with a warm touch. While the thin and the black weights are great performers
in display sizes the light, regular and medium weights are well suited to longer texts. The small x-height and the restrained forms lend it a distinctive elegance.

This font is optimized for all print and screens: websites, ebooks, apps, etc.

Used by BitCoin machines, Shopify, MediaTemple, InVision, all known as fresh hip tech companies.


Futuristic, exciting tech like this needs to create a feeling of movement and excitement to match the ‘active’ aspect of the brand.

Green is a good color for security- means “low” or “guarded” in the color-coded threat system. Symbolizes health and growth, means ‘go’. Bright yellow greens represent trendy, whimsical and lively whereas darker greens represent traditional, trustworthy, well-balanced– that is why we seek to combine both with our core brand gradient.

I developed a set of gradients with the other brand colors to create a feeling of movement and exciting technology that fits with the ‘active’ aspect of the brand.


The website was built on Divi theme for WordPress. I provided the copywriter wireframes and key message direction where we collaborated live in the browser to better understand our terms of space. Enterprise companies can be very dry and over complicated to navigate- we strove to keep our website clean, easy to read while understanding the power of our features in human speak.


Setting out the above principles- we apply to all marketing communications- unifying the brand.

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