Project Description

I helped Cartonomy reach their goal to re-launch their new product, changing from B2C perspective to B2B, by modifying existing branding to be B2B appropriate. Aside from the re-design of their marketing website- & WordPress dev – I also led the copy re-write to a B2B audience.

Team credits

Daina Reed | Website Design & Development, Project Manager
Debbie Rosenzweig | Copywriting, Key messaging strategy

Logo Mark

A quick change on the font made Cartonomy’s existing logo more relevant to their B2B perspective.


The Gibson font was chosen because it’s a sturdy and contemporary humanist sans serif family that fits pretty much any design application. It’s friendly, yet corporate.

Colors & Iconograpy

I took the existing colors which were very dark and introduced some lighter variations, pops of color, and soothing corporate colors for a more rounded color palette and applied a colorful style to all iconography and illustrations.


The website was built on Divi theme for WordPress. I provided the copywriter wireframes and key message direction where we collaborated live in the browser to better understand our terms of space.

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