IsraTransfer Currency Exchange Portal

Project Description
IsraTransfer is a company of currency transfer experts in Israel. They offer the cheapest and easiest way to send money. Without the hassle of dealing with your bank. They needed a way for their clients to transfer and exchange their currency online. Having done their brand and website design, I made sure to keep the UX/UI design of this product unified.


3 months


Me- UX/UI Design, Branding



User Persona

User Flowchart

Progressing from the persona, I gathered a tech spec of features from the client and broke it down into simple steps that I mapped out in a user flow to defines how the portal would be accessed and the screens needed to carry out the steps.

Visibility of System Status

I kept users informed about what is going on, where they are at, and what steps were completed successfully through appropriate feedback, progress bars, green checks, and validation.

Prevent users from making errors when possible

A careful design which prevents a problem from occurring in the first place. Grayed out buttons that require a check for them to turn active present users with a confirmation and disable them from missing this. Real-time validation also alerts them immediately that something is wrong.

Natural Language

The portal uses a natural language and errors are clearly explained and colors are used to show success, error or info

Design Details

A consistent style and font is applied to all UI elements.

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