Keshet Journeys

Project Description
Keshet Journeys is a tour company that wanted their brand values to shine when describing their offering to potential customers. I designed their site to highlight the variety of different educational journeys available to prospective clients, showcasing the ease with which a group could customize their tour to very specific wishes.
Team credits

Me | desktop & mobile website UI design, style guide
Shahar Hesse | site review, wireframes, IA / UX , custom development

Step 1: Wireframes

First the user experience was planned in wireframes where we discussed layout strategy and flow with the client.

They have 3 quite distinct groups of clients. The aim was to give clear indication of the types of ‘Journey’ that might interest them.

Step 2: UI Design

See the wireframes come to life while staying true to the proportion, hierarchy, and intention of the wireframes.
The idea was to let the tours and locations do the talking, and not additional descriptive text.

Step 3: The Style Guide

This guide provides all the design element properties to keep all future designs besides the website on-brand and cohesive.

Step 4: Application

Setting out the above principles- we apply to all marketing communications- unifying the brand.

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