Lean On

Project Description
Lean On is a mobile app for women in the workforce. Working women encounter so many problems, challenges, and issues at work. Lean On is a social, mobile app that lets you upload your problem and get 1X1 access on demand to a qualified woman mentor who gets it and will help you get it solved.


3 years part time founding team member

My Role

Design Director: UX/UI Design + Branding and subsequent re-brand to Emerj


1 Marketing Lead
1 Intern
1 Project Manager
2 Engineers


Tamar Guzansky

Early Brand Explorations

Brand Options

LeanOn already had changed their logo once when they came to me, they needed to look less like a startup. I created different options for logos and brand schemes. This demonstrates what a logo, color scheme, and app at a glance.
The final choice was a combination of the ‘Power Hug’ logo and ‘Emerald’ color scheme.

“Daina came to Lean On and instantly got it. In a matter of days, we had a brand new polished look and visual identity. Since then, Daina has been an integral part of the team, helping to shape the future of Lean On.”
-Chedva Kleinhandler
CEO, LeanOn

App Onboarding Design

Android App design

I re-branded and created an Android prototype infused with LeanOn’s unique brand identity, adhering to required sizing on typography and buttons as outlined in Google Material guidelines.

Attention to Detail

Clever details such as feminizing hand icons and use of the gem logo in a slogan and feminine default avatar keep consistency and infuse personality.

Website Design


I was on set and brought styling props and positioned them to make sure we captured authentic imagery in line with our brand.


I created a few overlay template options to brand our posts on Instagram.

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