Lean On

Project Description

Lean On is a mobile app for women at the workforce. Working women encounter so many problems, challenges and issues at work. Lean On is a social, mobile app that let’s you upload your problem and get 1X1 access on demand to a qualified woman mentor who gets it and will help you get it solved.

Team credits

Me | UX & UI Design, Branding
Chedva Kleinhandler | Founder & Content / Copywriter
Gal Maoz | Android developer
Nadav Raviv | Biz Dev & UX

“Daina came to Lean On and instantly got it. In a matter of days we had a brand new polished look and visual identity. Since then, Daina has been an integral part of the team, helping to shape the future of Lean On.”

Chedva Kleinhandler CEO, LeanOn

Chedva Kleinhandler

Step 1: Re-brand with ‘Style Tiles’

LeanOn already had changed their logo once when they came to me, they needed to look legit and less startup style. Sometimes the third time’s a charm. I created different options for logos and brand schemes in what I like to call ‘style tiles’. This shows a logo, color scheme, and mocked up app at a glance to see if it is a fit.

The final was a combination of the ‘Power Hug’ logo and ‘Emerald’ color scheme

Step 2: Android Application design

I re-branded and created a Android prototype inspired by Google Material, but infused with LeanOn’s unique brand identity, adhering to required sizing on typography and buttons.

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