Project Description
During my 3 years as in house Creative Director I revamped the brand design, designed their product, website, and lead all branded visuals.


4 years full-time


My role: Creative Director
1 contract designer (brand identity)
1 Copywriter / Marketing Manager
1 UX designer



Logo Mark

The former logo was awkward to place on many items and had a clumsy drop shadow and no concrete brand colors or application rules. Sometimes it was seen in different colors with embossing effects! After experimenting with many logo designs, we chose a typography based logo/mark without an icon- a very current approach to modern re-brands. It puts the attention brand name which perfectly describes what we do and the word ‘Above’ resting on top of the word ‘Rank’ literally conveys being ‘higher’.

Previous Explorations

Brand Book

A small glimpse into the 107 page Brand Manual that documents how to consistently apply colors, typography, logo usage, imagery, icons and more.


The website was built on Divi theme for WordPress. The new site better conveys how vital SEO is for an online business on a whole, and why RankAbove is the best company for the job- making it easier to understand the prowess of RankAbove, as a software and as a company.

Website details

Each of the graphics designed uses the brand colors and fonts and iconography is customized to create unique styles.

The RankAbove platform

RankAbove’s SEO software has a slightly different set of rules and the look and feel are toned down to apply to a different functional format in terms of usability. The color choices are ‘quieter’ to create a friendly, relaxed environment to work in.


Carefully planned, to-scale wireframes were drawn up for hundreds of screens, below are merely some key screens.

Platform Details

Small UI details consistently follow a style guide, especially for the platform.

Marketing Materials

Here’s a sampling of branded visuals such as blog post imagery, sell sheets, rollups, and holiday greetings.

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