Project Description

During my 3 years as in house Creative Director I revamped the brand design, designed their product, website, and lead all branded visuals.

Team credits

Anne Marie Ben-Yehuda | Brand Identity, Logo, Brand Book
Ilana Tamir | Copywriting, Key messaging strategy, Marketing Manager
Shahar Hesse | UX and front end of The RankAbove platform

Logo Mark

The former logo was awkward to place on many items and had a clumsy drop shadow and no concrete brand colors or application rules. Sometimes it was seen in different colors with embossing effects! After experimenting with many logo designs, we chose a typography based logo/mark without an icon- a very current approach to modern re-brands. It puts the attention brand name which perfectly describes what we do and the word ‘Above’ resting on top of the word ‘Rank’ literally conveys being ‘higher’.

Previous Explorations


The Futura family is a modern classic chosen for its legibility, and versatility which allows it to be both the logo font and a body or headline font. It is paired with the Google font, Montserrat which looks great for all caps headlines as well as UI elements such as buttons and navigation.


Our accompanying color scheme was derived from the core brand color- ‘Rank Blue’ and ‘Above Orange’ and were carefully chosen based on color guide harmony rules so that they always look related to the core brand colors.


The website was built on Divi theme for WordPress. The new site better conveys how vital SEO is for an online business on a whole, and why RankAbove is the best company for the job- making it easier to understand the prowess of RankAbove, as a software and as a company.

The RankAbove platform

RankAbove’s SEO software has a slightly different set of rules and the look and feel is toned down to apply to a different functional format in terms of usability. The color choices are ‘quieter’ to create a friendly,relaxed environment to work in.

Branded Visuals

Blog Post Imagery

Sell Sheets, Rollups, and Holidays

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